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all you need is here

All you need is here
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 Forum Rules. Please read!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules. Please read!   Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:43 am


-If you don't credit someone else's work, or just simply leeched it off another section of this forum or another website, thread will be CLOSED. If you didn't make it, acknowledge the person/people who did.


-If someone posted something helpful, press the REPUTATION button. Show respect.


-If I see you beg constantly, you will get infractions. Most of the time, your desired hacks are already released, so there is no need is create another thread to request. If you can't make your own hack, just be patient and wait until someone releases it.


-This one is obvious. Spam useless threads = infractions/warnings. Spam even more = BAN. Posting a virus/trojan = BAN.


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Forum Rules. Please read!
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